Three Pillars of Social Media For Your Business

Get Social Media to Work For Your Business

Social media can be overwhelming to think about and for many businesses, it’s viewed as a necessary evil.  Your business wasn’t built around a cookie cutter approach and you can’t treat social media with a one size fits all approach. You may be wondering where to start and how social media can apply to YOU and your business.  Social media should be considered as part of your overall marketing plan. It should also be helping build your brand, client touch points, engaging your community, and ideally increase sales.  There are three pillars to social media that can support your business.  These pillars are essential and the foundational first steps you should take when considering where to start implementing social media for your business.

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Vision Board

I love setting goals and creating vision boards.  There is something magical about envisioning the future, what is possible, and how pieces can fit together.  I love it! So naturally, when I started Square Top Creative, I needed a vision board to keep myself focused and aligned with my goals.

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Take a Risk

I am a little over a month into this small business journey and so far, the risk factor is driving my intuition. I have nothing to lose.  I am starting from scratch, so I literally have nothing to lose. My only choice is to go with what feels right.  It’s amazing how strong your intuition can feel when you need it to lead you. The doors are wide open, there is nothing but goals, connecting, and hard work ahead. Also in that doorway is light, inspiration, and love.

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Diving Into Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

Here we go! Are you following along?

I am guessing many bloggers start with this, BUT I have always said I would never start a blog. It was something I was so convinced I would never do.  But I love surprising myself, so here we are.  I have always thought that I don’t have anything interesting to say, I don’t have the time or energy to sit down and write, and even if I did have the time and energy to write, I’m not a very good writer.

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