Birth Doula Journey

I am officially trained as a birth doula! I could not be more excited to be a part of the birth community and to be able to help families during birth! It has been a humbling and inspiring process to learn about a doula’s role in the birth of a tiny human, and I’m humbled to even consider what it might mean for me to be part of someone’s birth journey.

To be able to blend many passions and interests into one has been an incredible realization! I am passionate about helping and encouraging others, lifting others up to build confidence, and learning others’ stories. I am also passionate about birth. I’ve loved learning more about the birth process, how I can emotionally and physically support families during birth. It is a true gift to be present at someone’s birth!

This journey will be fulfilling and inspiring. It will also be challenging and hard at times. I will grow as a human in ways I can’t anticipate at this time. Follow along with me on this journey!