About Me

Hello & thanks for stopping by!

My story starts in Minnesota, lands in Colorado for 6 years, and then picks back up in Minnesota. After college, my three best friends hopped in my Jeep with me and dropped me off in Colorado (after taking some quick detours in Yellowstone, Vancouver, and Seattle). I was in Colorado for less than a week when I met my (now) husband, Steve. We got married, bought a house in Denver, I was a teacher and then a project manager and then an educational leader in an elementary school. We got a dog that we love to pieces. And then we welcomed a baby boy to our family!

Within one month’s time, we sold our house in Denver, welcomed Leo to the world, and bought a house in Minnesota to be near my family.

Just 6 months after having our first baby, I started my digital marketing business, Square Top Creative, LLC.  It’s named after a stunning hike I did in the Colorado mountains that led to two alpine lakes, above 12,000 feet.  It was just me and my dog, and it was an inspiring day! 

Fast forward one year later, and I trained to become a birth doula as well! I love learning and have always loved the birth community. It is an honor to provide emotional and physical support to families in their birth journey.

I love connecting with people and learning about other people’s journeys. I love all things motherhood, food, outdoors, and am a creative at heart. I am always on the move, and appreciate a cup of coffee in the afternoon now more than ever before!

Lou and I at Square Top Lakes
12,265 feet
Guanella Pass, Colorado