Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is one of my favorite things about motherhood. I remember long before I had Leo, baby wearing was something I was looking forward to. To hold your baby close where they are safest, and also to be able to have your hands free to get other things done. Is there anything better?! I am a time efficiency maximizer, so being able to achieve baby snuggles, while also maximizing productivity is right up my alley. I own three different types of carriers and each one of them serves a different purpose. There are so many great options out there, so I would go off of recommendations from friends and what you research.

My favorite and most versatile carrier is my WildBird Sling. If you visit their website, they really break it down – but it’s easy to use. It is light weight and easy to transport. You can quickly throw it on and place baby in the sling without missing a beat. It is snuggly and offers different positions so that you can use it however baby prefers. When Leo was younger, I would face him inward to snuggle with me, but as he got older he preferred to be looking outward, so I transitioned him to sit on my hip. The biggest downside to this carrier, in my opinion, is it takes time to get used to. It really does take practice, so as long as you give yourself patience and time to grow into it, this could be your favorite too!

My next favorite carrier is my Ergobaby carrier. I love how supportive and padded this carrier is. Our family likes to go on longer walks or hikes – usually around 2-4 miles, so this carrier is perfect for that activity! It was fun when Leo preferred to face outward, because we could just turn him around and he would kick his legs in unison with our foot steps. He is always comfortable in this carrier! My husband uses this carrier the most, he rarely uses the other ones because they are a little more complicated to put on and adjust. Starting at around 6 months old, I preferred to carry Leo on my back, rather than my front, because it felt easier to walk long distances. Overall, the ergobaby carrier is dependable, easy to use, and very supportive!

Lastly, but 100% not least, is my other favorite carrier, the Solly Baby wrap. Being a wrap, I prefer to use this carrier while I’m at home. The solly baby material is SO soft and snuggly, and it keeps Leo really close to me. I use this wrap that most when I am doing things around the house, like cooking, doing laundry, walking around the yard, etc. The only downside I can think of is all of the extra fabric. If you want to wear this carrier out and about, it is best to put it on at home so that when you arrive at your destination it is ready to go. I worry about the fabric touching the ground and getting dirty. That being said, it is extremely easy to wash! If you are in the market for a wrap, I would highly recommend the solly baby! The fabric, patterns, and colors can’t be passed up!


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