Take a Risk

I am a little over a month into this small business journey and so far, the risk factor is driving my intuition. I have nothing to lose.  I am starting from scratch, so I literally have nothing to lose. My only choice is to go with what feels right.  It’s amazing how strong your intuition can feel when you need it to lead you. The doors are wide open, there is nothing but goals, connecting, and hard work ahead. Also in that doorway is light, inspiration, and love.


Back to that little thing called risk. I took a risk today.  I got in touch with a fellow mama who I met through a Facebook group. We met in Minneapolis, and she took some photos for me.  Whoa.  I was so nervous!!! But she was seriously so amazing. I felt so comfortable and at ease.  I did some work on my computer, with Leo nearby, and she snapped some photos for me.  As I embark on this journey, I want to document what working, while also on mom duty, looks like.  I want to see myself happy and at ease, because on the inside sometimes I feel overwhelmed and like I’m not doing enough. It’s so empowering and refreshing to see photos of yourself, doing something you love, so lit up and on fire.  My soul completely lit up today and I felt true happiness as I began to believe in myself all over again. It’s so fun to see what you’re capable of.

Also, side note about today: We spent an hour together taking photos. I got in the car and realized I had forgotten to put on mascara (ugh!), my coffee cup was still on top of my car and I had already driven a block away, and my glasses were left inside where we were! So I’m really proud of myself for being 90% prepared today, that other 10% can party all day if it wants to. I will take 90% any day.  And who wears mascara anyway? Oh, everyone? Ok, cool.

On my next post, I’ll share what a day in the life of working while also taking care of a little one looks like. What lights up your soul? Take a risk to find out!

photo cred: Bethany Walker, @thewalkercubs


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